Opdateret 9. maj 2017

MedCom International

International projects and activities

MedCom is a co-operative venture between authorities, organisations, and private companies linked to the Danish healthcare sector. MedCom’s main objective is to contribute to the development, testing, dissemination, and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector, with the aim of supporting the continuity of care.

MedCom’s international department was established January 1st 2007 in order to continuously play an active role in international projects within eHealth.

The activities of MedCom International are comprehensive and include offers for external partners on:

  • Development and preparation of proposals for international projects
  • Project management and administration of international projects
  • Establishment of international networks and contacts
  • Promoting Danish eHealth expertise internationally through networking and contribution and participation in international eHealth events

MedCom International collaborates closely with several Danish and foreign organisations and institutions, including Danish local municipalities and hospitals.

The Core Competences of MedCom International

MedCom is engaged in telemedicine, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), infrastructure services and standardisation, testing and dissemination of electronic communication in the health care sector.

Telemedicine includes health services which can be delivered across long or short distances through the use of ICT, including the support of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research, and education. Home monitoring covers the solutions in which the telemedicine service is delivered to the patient’s home. Hence, telemedicine is relevant for both local authorities and the private health sector, as well as for the patient/citizen at home.

AAL includes user orientated technologies, providing or supporting the users with one or several public or private welfare services and products. AAL is the technological support and enhancement of security, safety, daily activities, and mobility both in and outside the home.

AAL is especially orientated towards elderly citizens, people with chronic diseases, and people with disabilities. The overall goal with AAL is to ensure a better utilisation of resources in relation to welfare services, and/or to provide better quality of these services.

The international team are experienced project managers. Competences includes:

  • Writing proposals
  • Project management (work package leadership)
  • Project coordination

The international team cooperates with MedCom’s experts (standardization, testing, security etc.) in the international projects as needed.

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