Opdateret 11. november 2016


Advance an International Patient Summary standard to enable people to access and share their health information for emergency or unplanned care anywhere and as needed starting with immunizations, allergies, medications, clinical problems, past operations and implants.

Background information

  • Programme: Horizon 2020
  • Start: January 2017
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Budget: €1.104.547,50

Main output/Impact

  • Better focus on agreed user needs and understanding of the concept of Patient Summaries, leading to aligned patient summary components that serve the user’s purpose with “ready-to-use” standards sets.
  • Improved governance of standards, alignment, and harmonization of SDOs with eHealth policy developments, leading to ready-to-use interoperability assets for concrete
  • Stronger Engagement and coordination of standards activities at the JIC level with a clear governance process on requirements analysis, standards maintenance and use.
  • Sounder Partnerships with professional organizations as EFMI, AMIA, and IMIA for standards education, patient organizations, and emergency associations.
  • Active liaison with different parts of the WHO and other United Nations agencies to drive recognition of the patient summary standards in disaster management and emergency response.
  • Ultimately resulting in better informed professionals that are therefore able to improve patient outcomes and save lives and engaged citizens that can make informed decisions about their health.

MedCom’s role

  • Administrative coordinator
  • WP1 leder: Management & Administration, Communication and Liaison Activities.
  • WP4, task leder: Context, role and adoption of the International Patient Summary in the global ecosystem
  • WP6 participant: Making it Real: Engaging with the practice of Digital Health Innovation
  • WP7 participant: Dissemination, Market Outreach and Sustainability