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SDNv4: Operation

Opdated 13th June 2024

Service target

The service target for both the central SDN and the decentral network componentens (SDN SD-WAN) are 99.9% in operation. More specificly it should be in operation 24/7 every day between 00.00 and 24.00.

Reaction and solution time

  • P1 – Critical: Reaction time is maximum 15 min. The time to find a solution is 2 hours
  • P2 – Significant: Reaction time is maximum 15 min. The time to find a solution is 4 hours
  • P3 – Less significant: Reaiction time is 4 hours. The time to find a solution is within next workday
  • P4 – Not significant: Reaction time is 3 workdays. The time to find a solution is within 10 workdays

Reaction and solution time for category 1-3 applies 24/7. Which means that the SDN provider has to report back and work without end until the incident is solved, unless agreed otherwise with MedCom.

Support inquiries

Service target for answering time at the service desk at the SDN provider is as follows:

  • By phone: 1 minut
  • Electronic (e-mail, web ect.): Within 1 minut.

Reaction time for changes

Service target for reaction time for changes is as follows:

  • Change critical: 30 minutes
  • Change standard: 1 workday
  • Service critical: 2 hours
  • Service standard: 8 hours
  • Delivery critical: 1 hour
  • Delivery standard: 8 hours

Operation reports

TDC Erhverv prepares a monthly operations report in relation to the agreed SLA.

Operations status and monitoring

Via the following link you will be able to follow the operations status on all SDN connections. (Smokeping)

Via the following link you will be able to see the montly management report on operations and applications/trafic(pdf in danish only).

Service windows

The service windows for normal and standard changes are defined.

A warning of and orientation of normal changes will happen through operational announcement to the connected parties. Standard changes will not be announced.

If the service window is caused by solving an acute problem it will be completet as fast as possible and as an emergency change. The connected parties will be oriented as fast as possible after the completion. If the change meant it was out of operation.


Via the following link you can find general information and contact information when there is a need for support.

Contact persons

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