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If an entity wishes to connect to the SDN, the first step is to contact MedCom and have a dialogue about the SDN. Contact details at the bottom of the page.

Some of the questions which are usually discussed are:

Connection Agreement and Data Processor Agreement

On connection to the SDN, a connection agreement for the use of the SDN and a data processor agreement must be concluded: 

The Data Processor Agreement comes in two versions: 

The Data Processor Agreement has been prepared on the basis of a common public sector template to be used in connection with data processor agreements between the healthcare sector parties, including MedCom. The template is firmly anchored in the joint public sector system management of healthcare IT solutions (FSI). The template has been prepared on the basis of the Danish Data Protection Agency’s background

Questions about joining or the finance model?

Please contact:

Telephone: (+45) 6543 2030


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